• Staying Competitive in the Manufacturing Environment

    by Joanne
    5 years ago

    As we have progressed through 2016 it has become evident that coordinating, planning, and implementing details in manufacturing has helped us stay competitive.   We have purchased new machines which meant efficiently laying out shop floor space and employee time to continue offering the timely delivery of C-Flex product to our customers.


    It is and always has been of utmost importance to C-Flex to pay attention to feedback and comments regarding our product and new development ideas so we may work on updates, customization, and logistical strategies.  As a supplier to some of the worlds largest corporations, we are key to the success of their programs, products, and services.  In order to meet industry demands, we prioritize quality and delivery.   Quality means diverting discrepancies before they reach the customer’s door.  Delivery means on time to purchase order contract.  We continue to strive for 100% performance.

    C-Flex Bearing Co., Inc. will continue working on new product developments for our coupling line.  We will continue to work with customers on pivot bearing designs best suited for their needs. We will continue to motivate our employees to work for the success of not only C-Flex but for our loyal customer base. Work for what you love What can C-Flex do for you to help fuel your success?  Call us at 315-895-7454 or email cflex@c-flex.com We want to hear from you soon!
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