Moment of Inertia

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    by Joanne
    6 years ago
    It has been busy times here at C-Flex these past two months.  The popularity of the C-Flex Coupling has exploded! exploded We even purchased a new HAAS MINI MILL to increase production.  Since this new addition, we are in desperate need of an experienced CNC Machinist to program, set up and run these machines. This will be C-Flex’ 3rd mini mill actively running on our shop floor.  EXCITING! Haas Questions Asked and Answered While working with our customers, getting their orders ready, a few questions regarding the coupling have come up which might not be answered with clarity on our website.   Let’s address these inquiries just in case anyone else has the same question/s. Question:  What is the temperature range of the C-Flex Lattice Coupling? Answer:   The couplings are the same material as our pivot bearings (400 series SS).  Reference FAQ (remove the word “bearing”).   The temperature range is –100 deg. F to 375 deg. F.   The coupling can be held up to 450 degrees for no more than 8 hours otherwise damage may occur. Question:  On the data sheet for the English C-Flex Lattice Servo Coupling, 301500 couplings have an “H” dimension of 0.505 which is smaller than the smaller coupling. Is this correct? Answer:  There is an error in our catalog as well as the CAD model.  All of the actual 1.25” diameter parts have an “H” dimension of 0.386 which is a logical value considering the size below and above it.  The value was changed however the models and catalogs did not get updated. Question:  What is the Moment of Inertia for the smallest bore size of the Lattice Couplings? Answer:  For the 50XXXX Lattice Coupling Coupling ID                 Bore (inches)             MOI(lbs*In^2) 500750                          0.125”                            0.0042 501000                          0.250”                            0.0138 501250                          0.375”                            0.0350 501500                          0.500”                            0.1012 501750                          0.625”                            0.2020 502000                          0.750”                            0.3728 502500                         0.875”                             0.9636 For the 30XXXX Lattice SERVO Coupling Coupling ID                 Bore (inches)             MOI(lbs*In^2) 300750                       0.0033”                            0.125 301000                      0.0145”                             0.250 301250                      0.0429”                             0.375 301500                      0.1091”                             0.500 301750                      0.2287”                             0.625 302000                      0.4444”                             0.750 302500                      1.3471”                             0.875   Question:   What IS the “H” Dimension? The H dimension is the length of engagement of hub onto the shaft.  The hub is internal to the flexures. A shaft can penetrate through the middle.   We continue to welcome more questions and comments so PLEASE give us a call. We’d love to talk to you about the C-Flex Flexible Coupling and the C-Flex Frictionless Bearing/Pivot.   315-895-7454 PHONE.
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