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  • Spring into Spring with C-Flex Springs

    by Joanne
    7 years ago
    The weather is beginning to look promising in upstate New York.  We are ready to greet warmer temperatures and sunshine with positive attitudes and plenty of energy.  Our manufacturing floor is busy with machines humming, our team working hard with efficiency and enthusiasm completing orders of standard and custom products.  A lot of energy within our walls lately!  Could it be because spring is in the air and daffodils are blooming …or maybe we are just a happy team of hard workers. DSC_6996 Speaking of energy, did you know that the C-Flex pivot eliminates energy loss due to friction?  The C-Flex pivot consists of two stainless steel sleeves held in position by three leaf springs on two planes.  There is no contact between the sleeves thus eliminating friction.  The springs provide the pivotal action which is self centering.  No lubrication nor maintenance required.  Inquire today! image If you don’t need a pivot but need to correct misalignments in your system, consider the C-Flex flexible coupling, also a huge energy reducer.   The use of the C-Flex coupling to connect rotating shafts will result in lower energy usage and bearing failure since less stress is placed upon those bearings.  Misalignment forces on the bearings of a rotating system generates heat resulting in wasted energy.  C-Flex couplings minimize these misalignment forces and result in a more energy efficient system. C-Flex-(300-x-250) Spring into spring with our springs or couplings.  We have standard and custom products to fit your needs within your budget. Contact us! We want to hear from you today.  cflex@c-flex.com
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