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  • Efficiency Comes At Every Level – Laser Marking

    by Joanne
    6 years ago
    C-Flex Bearing Co., Inc. considers itself a smart business and knows that tight cycle times with strong product quality keeps the customer satisfied.  While the main focus is to reduce cost, it is never at the expense of quality at C-Flex Bearing.  We rely on reductions in production variability in cycle times while enforcing error proofing at every level. This means best practices in the C-Flex production process.  Breaking down efficiency even further to examination at a micro level, we look at the marking technology utilized at C-Flex and the benefits transferred to the customer. Laser Marking:  A level in production which has saved final process time as well as increased customer satisfaction.   image It has been a few years since C-Flex Bearing Co., Inc. first introduced Laser Marking Technology via True Pulsed Fiber Laser into the final stage production process. The old system of etching onto the metal part required we purchase bottles of chemicals for the marking process.  The results were not crisp, clean, and were certainly not easily customized to customer part number identification. Laser marked logo The many benefits associated with laser marking,  using a table top marking system, has increased efficiency and satisfaction for customers. 1.  C-Flex can produce characters, logos, and bar codes with continuous lines to improve mark legibility. 2.  A wide variety of text styles improve image and the customer sense of quality for the final product. 3.  The laser mark is permanent on a variety of materials which prevents losing identifying information and is important to traceability. 4.  The cost for custom marking to our customers is minimized. 5.  The lack of chemicals and fluids creates a cleaner more sustainable environment. 6.  Greater uptime because less maintenance, quick operator set up and utilization   This is how it works:
    A. Turn on the laptop . B.  Set up mark on software. C.  Place component into the machine. D.  Adjust any settings/placement. E.  Close the door and mark.
    Not only is the resulting product marking for company identification, part number, and serial number traceability cleaner and cosmetically more pleasing to our customers, Laser marked part but it has reduced internal costs as well as increased production efficiency to the C-Flex manufacturing operations. As we continue to support ongoing manufacturing transformations for not only production efficiency but a more proficient organization, the satisfaction from long time customers goes hand in hand.  With efficiencies built into every process, C-Flex exists on a solid foundation yet remains flexible to capture new markets and drive customer loyalty. 
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