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  • Maximum Rotation Angles of the C-Flex Pivot Bearing

    by Joanne
    6 years ago
    image A question was asked by one of our customers concerning maximum rotation angles and hard stop limits.   The max rotation angles are limits set for recommended usage and not physical limits. For example, in regards to the 10 series pivot bearings, C-Flex recommends maximum rotation in one direction of 15 degrees for indefinite life and 30 degrees plus/minus rotation before damage occurs. The C-Flex pivot bearing, in the 10 series will rotate a minimum of 30 degrees each way with the actual hard stop occurring sometime after that, possibly at 35 degrees. This is similar to the 20 series which will rotate at least 15 degrees each way and the 30 series which will rotate at least 7 degrees each way. It is recommended that the user put stops in their application to prevent excessive rotation. If that is not possible, we will customize the pivot bearing with limit stops so the springs will not be damaged if the stop are hit with excessive force. Reference the life cycle charts below: Also found on our site under LIFE PROJECTIONS image image If using the solid models of the C-Flex pivot bearing, it will exceed recommended angles of rotation or rather, will reflect rotation to the hard stops. Solid models can be found at our site under ?What We Do? => ?Pivot Bearings? => ?Downloadable Solid Models?. Call us with any questions at 315-895-7454.
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