C-Flex bearings are based upon proven design concepts used for years in a wide variety of applications. The growing popularity of the C-Flex bearing is not only due to the quality of the product but it’s adaptation in today’s sustainability efforts. Our design utilizes crossed springs made to exacting tolerances of highstrength corrosion resistant steel, capsuled in a cylindrical housing, to provide angular travel up to +/- 30°, without the use of lubricants.

These bearings provide unmatched performance characteristics for life, accuracy and resistance to detrimental environmental conditions. Again, they require NO lubrication, can function at limited angular travel for an infinite number of cycles, are frictionless, and have extremely low hysteresis.

Problems related to common ball and roller bearings in limited angle oscillating applications such as lubrication migration and brinelling are eliminated. Starting and running torque variations due to thermal and lubrication variations do not exist. Contamination of sensitive electronic or optical systems due to the escape or out-gassing of lubrication through bearing seals is not a concern.


C-Flex bearings are free from inaccuracies exhibited by ball and roller bearings due to friction, wear and backlash. They exhibit a constant linear torsional spring rate and are self-centering when deflecting forces are removed.

Movement is always precise. Adjustment is easy. Jeweled or ceramic bearings have their own limitations. Although they don’t require lubrication, they still suffer frictional inaccuracies, are sensitive to damage, and are difficult to adjust.

The C-Flex Lattice Servo and the C-Flex Lattice

Couplings are revolutionary, patented designs which combine the best characteristics of bellows, disc, and beam couplings into a single integrated component. Designed to couple two rotating shafts together, they can accommodate misalignments far greater than other couplings on the market, while transmitting high torque loads with zero backlash.

Their construction provides for a low moment of inertia and minimal impact upon system dynamics. A large through hole allows for smaller coupling utilization for fitting larger shafts and the fact that they can be disassembled prior to installation, makes them ideal for retrofit applications.

Constructed using high strength hardened stainless steel flexures, the couplings require no maintenance, providing years of trouble free life, even in contaminated environments. Directionally independent, they can provide the same torsional rigidity and offset capability regardless of the rotation direction. The use of C-Flex Couplings in mechanical systems to connect rotating shafts will result in lower energy usage and bearing failure, since less stress is placed upon bearings. Misalignment forces on the bearings of a rotating system generates heat which is wasted energy. The use of C-flex couplings will minimize these misalignment forces and result in a more energy efficient system. C-Flex Super Plastic Couplings will stabilize high precision systems by dampening transient torque variations.

C-Flex Couplings will provide superior technology at the lowest cost.

Selection of the correct coupling for your application should result in exceptional long life, even in the most arduous environment. C-Flex Couplings are normally provided with two set screws aligned at 90 degrees to each other for clamping to the shaft, however, they may be provided with C-Flex progressive clamp bushing,s which will allow for secure mark free clamping of the coupling to a shaft. A collet style shaft locking design is available for the Lattice Servo coupling. Custom designs for greater torque capability, higher offsets, or special locating features can be provided upon request.