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The C-Flex Bearing is typically in stock. If there should be an occasion when the component required is out of stock, our lead time is usually no longer than 2 weeks maximum.

*Standard pivot prices range from $38.00 USD to $163.40 USD in quantities of 1 to 15 units.
Quantity discounts are available.

The C-Flex Flexible Coupling is available in clamping and set screw style connections. We currently offer Progressive clamp bushing**, end clamp collet, split clamp bushing.

*Standard coupling prices range from $18.00 to $65.00 with quantity discounts available.

**The Progressive Clamp Bushing is a patent pending device made from hardened stainless steel which offers exceptional holding power without marking or damaging the shaft. Unlike regular split type clamping collars, our progressive clamp bushing offers a minimum of four point contact resulting in greater holding power.

*Progressive Clamp Bushing prices range from $3.00 to $6.25 with quantity discounts available.

*Distributor pricing may vary.

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