We are over stocked with our largest sized pivot bearing.  That means it is the perfect time to request a sample of the C-Flex pivot bearing work horse, the JD-30 pivot.


This 1” diameter double end pivot bearing won’t let you down.  It has a torsional spring rate of 7.8023 lb-in/degree with load capacities up to 1800 lbs.

The radial stiffness of the JD-30 is 0.000005 inches of deflection per pound of load.   Interested?  Call for a FREE sample at 315-895-7454.   EXPIRES ON 11/30/2016.

Download our free design guide and get more familiar with ways you can incorporate this quality component with infinite life into your application design.

Design Guide


Learn more about C-Flex Bearing Co., Inc. and our expanding product line of pivot flexures and flexible couplings by downloading our brochure.

Company Brochure


For information on set screw installation of the flex pivot, we offer a reference guide to help answer questions.

Set Screw and Tightening Torque Recommendations.


Set-Screw Size

We have a sample waiting to ship to you today.  Call us at 315-895-7454 or email at cflex@c-flex.comRemember this offer EXPIRES ON 11/30/2016.

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