fiber optics

  • Better and Faster Than Ever Before

    by Joanne
    7 years ago
    Big news at C-Flex!  We have upgraded our telecommunication lines to Fiber Network.  That is  a 10M x 10m Internet with symmetrical download/upload speed. Thanks to the folks at Northland Communication, this switch over was easy and painless.   What did we gain by this change to Northland fiber?  Reliable and secure transfer of data between C-Flex, vendors, and customers.  Once again, reliability and security are of the utmost importance to C-Flex Bearing Co., Inc.   The new website and the new telecommunications fiber network go hand-in-hand in optimizing our business’ productivity. fiber-network We are always thinking of ways to make doing business with C-Flex better.  From new product development to customer satisfaction, we want every customer to mention our name in a positive light and keep coming back for more product and better solutions for engineering needs.
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