industrial couplings

  • New Product Testing

    by Joanne
    6 years ago
    Exciting news at C-Flex Bearing this week!   Testing for a new product line is moving along great! To clarify, this product isn’t exactly “new” but it will be an addition to the current successful coupling line.  C-Flex currently offers 48 standard coupling sizes.  We offer both servo and lattice styles as well as all metal or SUPERPLASTIC. Testing There isn’t much information to reveal at this time but stay tuned, get excited because if you are an industrial coupling user, you will want to know when this “big guy” becomes available. One more bit of news to share and that is we have new neighbors!  They happen to be ducks.  Quite a lot of ducks at that. Ducks Since we’re all animal enthusiasts here at C-Flex we welcome the team.  We expect to see them in a larger “facility” with an even larger water bath very soon.  Thanks to Branck Construction, another locally owned company with over 30 years of expertise in the area of concrete, masonry, and carpentry.
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