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  • Standard Non-Catalog Pivot Designs

    by Joanne
    5 years ago
    C-Flex is now in it's 23rd year of business and going strong. We are developing new products and customizing standard products for our customers. Among the many offerings are spring rates and diameters of extended length. These items, either cantilever or double end have an ?L? designation in their part number (e.g. D-20L10). ?L? indicated in increments of 0.010? how much longer (OAL) the pivot is than standard. To further explain, a D-20L10 would be 0.100? longer than the standard D-20 or 0.500? long, with the slot in the center as is normally provided. For double end versions, there is three, two digit suffixes which indicate: 1. the increase in overall length 2. the increase in length (if any) of the middle sleeve, and 3. the increase in length of the two outer sleeves. Here is another example: part number FD-10L20L10L05 indicates a FD-10 pivot bearing which includes an increase in overall length of 0.200? to a total OAL of 0.600?. The middle sleeve has been increased in length by 0.100? and each of the two outer sleeves have been increased by 0.050?. In the D size we offer the L version as a standard up to L40 (0.800? long) and the F Size OAL up to L60 (1.200? long). Additional sizes with varying torsional spring rates and load capacities may be available. C-Flex has manufactured many versions of our standard pivot bearing over the course of the companies 23 year history. Call us with your required torsional spring rate, load requirements, and any other specifications for your application. We might have a sample available for you to test. Listing of current designs available in 1/4? and 3/8?: image In addition to the above, we currently manufacture two large, non-standard pivot bearings. Part number J-40. Material is 400 series stainless steel. Diameter is 1?. Yield strength is 197 KSI. Ultimate tensile strength is 294 KSI. Fatigue strength is 75 KSI. Rated rotational angle is +/- 2.5 degrees for infinite life at zero load. Rated max. operating load is 2100 lbs. both radial and axial. Rated stiffness is 175,000 lbs./inch (radial and axial). Part number K-30. Material is 400 series stainless steel. Dimensions are 1.25? dia. x 3.00? lg. Radial and Axial load capacity is 4500 lbs. Max. rotation for infinite life at zero load is +/- 2.6 degrees. Maximum rotation for infinite life with a 4500 lb. radial load is +/- 1.4 degrees. Torsional spring rate is 71.8 lb.-in/degree.
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